Venison Cheesesteak Sliders Recipe

Before you say anything, you’re right. This venison cheesesteak slider isn’t a typical “Philly Cheesesteak.” That’s by design. Because there is no way they are serving up hot deer sandwiches this good in Pennsylvania.

My wife Lyza had the idea of using our leftover reverse-seared venison steaks for sandwiches. Now, we will be cooking venison steak for the sole purpose of making these beautiful, toasty treats.

Venison Cheesesteak Sliders Recipe

  • 4 five-inch French rolls
  • 1 pound of cooked venison backstrap, thinly sliced
  • 1/4 of large yellow onion, sliced and sautéed
  • 4 slices pepperjack cheese
  • Steak sauce

Step 1: Place sliced French rolls cut-side down in large saucepan or cast-iron skillet on a stovetop over medium heat until toasted.

Step 2: Remove French rolls from pan and set aside. Then add venison steak slices to the pan. Allow to cook for one minute.

Step 3: Using tongs or a spatula, flip the steak slices. Then add cheese and onions and cover. Cook for one more minute.

Step 4: Give the contents of the pan a quick stir to thoroughly integrate the melted cheese, steak, and onions.

Step 5: Evenly distribute the mixture in the pan between the four rolls.

Step 6: Top with steak sauce and enjoy immediately.

Tips and substitutions

I prefer the French steak rolls from Wal-Mart. But any rectangular dinner roll in this size range should work.

If you want to make full-blown cheesesteaks, double the recipe and use sub sandwich buns or hoagies.

Toasting the buns is a crucial part of an enjoyable eating experience. This allows the bun to stand up to the juices a little better than it would otherwise and keeps things from becoming a sloppy mess.

You can toast the buns in the oven, if you’d like. But I’ve found that putting the buns in direct contact with a hot surface provides more of the seal I am looking for.

If you slice it thinly enough, you can get away with using any cut of venison steak you would like. But I greatly prefer the backstrap.

This is an ideal recipe to help get rid of leftovers. But if you are cooking steak specifically for these sandwiches, I’d recommend cooking it closer to medium-rare the first time around because, once thinly-sliced for this recipe, the steak will cook quickly in the pan.

Feel free to substitute any cheese you would like. Provolone, Swiss, and shredded cheddar are all great options. Heck, if you truly want an authentic Philly, go with Cheez Whiz and add in some sautéed green peppers.

For those who aren’t afraid of a little heat, pickled jalapenos are an excellent addition to this sandwich.

If you’re not a steak sauce fan, yellow mustard adds a nice tang. But these sandwiches also taste great without any additional dressing.

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