Pro-Cure Super Gel review

As summer wears on, catching carp can become a bit more difficult.

Water levels change and fish receive more pressure, becoming wise to traditional tactics like worms and corn kernels.

I’m always looking for something to add to my bag of tricks and my latest experiment involved Pro-Cure Super Gel.

After doing some research and reading fishing reports that mentioned this product, I figured it was high time to give this product a shot.

Bottom-feeding fish like carp, catfish, and bullhead heavily rely on their sense of smell to locate food. This product promised to boost the scent profile of baits that otherwise wouldn’t have any.

I opted for the Sweet Corn scent, thinking it was the option that most closely resembled the scent of the more natural baits I have success with. After all, post-spawn, sweet corn is one of my best options for hooking into carp.

Using this gel is simple, you just apply it to the bait of your choosing and start fishing.

Here’s what you need to know about Pro-Cure Super Gel:

The perks

If you’re anything like me, there’s an obvious question running through your mind right now: Why use sweet corn scent when you can just fish with the real thing?

Well, there’s one big reason. Plastics and artificial corn kernels have much more staying power than natural sweet corn. There’s nothing more frustrating than seeing corn kernels come flying off your hook as you are trying to make that perfect cast or having to check your bait after every single strike.

Fishing with artificial baits solves for this by allowing you to use more durable baits. Adding in the gel means you won’t be losing all of the wonderful scent that comes with using the real thing.

The gel has some real staying power. It is easy to apply and gives off its scent just as long, if not longer, than real corn.

The drawbacks

Truthfully, there aren’t many.

When it comes to carp, I’ve found this scent can make a variety of baits go punch-for-punch with natural corn.

Bullhead, on the other hand, seem to prefer the real thing.

With a price of just under $8 for a 2-ounce bottle, this gel will cost you a lot more than a can of corn (not to mention the cost of the artificial baits and rigs needed to make this stuff work) and that is kind of a bummer.

For reference, you can get a pound of corn kernels for less than $1.50.

Plus, running artificial corn means using setups that differ from traditional corn or worm rigs. This requires more of a time investment on the front end. But, that is more a critique of the baits themselves and not the gel.

The other downfall comes when applying this gel to grubs, wet flies, or other baits outside of artificial corn.

While this scent may make a grub more appealing to a carp, the same doesn’t necessarily hold true for bass and panfish. In my experience, if I spend a night lubing up a grub with Pro-Cure and then try to use that same bait for bass the next day, it is not as productive as a lure that hasn’t been exposed to this scent.

The ruling

If you’re hellbent on using artificials for carp, this stuff is a must-have. It can be quite difficult to catch bottom feeders without scent and Pro-Cure Super Gel is the best way to provide it.

But if you’re catching fish on worms or natural corn, it is much easier and cheaper to stay the course.

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