Gear that will improve your hunt

One of the beauties of hunting is that everyone has their own approach. Often times, there is more than one right way to do things and, if you are paying attention, there is a lot to learn from how others approach their time in the woods or in the field.

The same can be said about gear selection. Everyone has their own taste in equipment, but keeping an open mind can lead you to new tools that will improve your hunt.

I surveyed a handful of my hunting buddies to get their must-have hunting gear. Here is what we came up with:

Price key:

$ = $50 or less

$$ = $51-$99

$$$ = $100-200

$$$$ = More than $200

Shappelle Jet Sled

This sturdy sled makes hauling decoys and gear a breeze. It’s lightweight, yet durable and can be a huge asset on solo hunts.

If you pick a larger size, you can even use it to drag out a deer. Better yet, it’s also perfect for ice fishing.

Price: $$

Milwaukee Heated Jacket

It’s been said that if something doesn’t help you hunt harder or hunt longer, you don’t need it.

Well, by that standard, this jacket is an absolute necessity.

Not only is the jacket incredibly warm on its own merits, the included battery pack powers heaters on the back and in both pockets for added warmth.

On especially cold days, the Milwaukee Heated Jacket helps maintain the core temperature you need to stay in the stand or blind longer.

Price: $$$$

OnX App

If you haven’t jumped in on this craze, you need to. For a relatively small yearly fee, you can have an entire state’s worth of plat books at your fingertips.

With OnX, you always know where you stand with realtime feedback on your position in relation to property lines and other boundaries. It’ built-in tools can help estimate distances between landmarks while giving you an aerial view of the property in question.

This app helps us plan, scout, and hunt with confidence.

Price: $


These units have saved so many hunts for us. Earlier this year, we arrived at our spot only to find that , when we turned on our headlamps, the bugs were so bad that it looked like it was raining.

We fired up a couple Thermacells and enjoyed a comfortable hunt free of the annoyance of bugs. A single unit provides a 15-foot radius of protection.

Price: $

Tanglefree Panel Blind

While these panels are on the pricer side, they make a big impact when waterfowl hunting. There is no substitute for the comfort they provide.

The panels feature plenty of stubble straps to aid in concealment and can be quickly set-up just about anywhere.

Once you enjoy your first hunt in one of these, you’ll never what to sit in a layout blind again.

Price: $$$$

MTM Case-Gard Shotshell Case

There is nothing worse than being in the middle of the duck blind and realizing your box of shells is wet and about to give way.

These plastic cases combat that problem and help keep shells dry and organized.

Price: $

Leupold Marksman 10×42 Binoculars

It would be irresponsible to compile a list of must-have hunting gear without including a reliable pair of binoculars.

Whether you are scouting or actively hunting, good glass is mandatory.

These binoculars are excellent for any scenario and will give you the visual feedback you need to make informed decisions.

Price: $$$


After a long day of hunting or scouting, it’s nice to slip into something comfortable for driving, unpacking, or cleaning your harvest. Crocs provide a quick way to transition away from the footwear you’ve been in all day.

While I still catch some grief form my buddies for wearing these, they all have them to. And I think that speaks for itself.

Price: $$

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