Weightless minnow presentation for fall bass

While I won’t claim to be the person who “discovered” this method, I have spent a lot of time perfecting it recently.

It all started when I was fishing my most recent bass tournament. I was in a river spot and found myself in a pinch. The water was very shallow, but the fish were quite active. My initial plan was to hop fathead minnows off the bottom using a sinker or a jighead. The trouble was, my weights kept getting stuck on the rocky bottom.

So I took the sinkers off the line and just let the minnow float naturally in the current. Instant success. In many cases, I’d have a fish on the line before I could even reel up my initial slack.

Utilizing a weightless minnow on a single hook is one of the most ideal live bait presentations I have found for fall bass. Three of my five largest bass of 2020 came on this very setup.

Watch the video above for an in-depth explanation of this useful tactic.

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