A new look at familiar surroundings

For the last two decades, my family has made an annual trek to Vilas County for a summer fishing trip.

When you add in the numerous spring walleye trips my dad and I have taken throughout the years, I have become quite familiar with the area, especially North and South Twin Lakes.

I have spent many hours relaxing on the roughly 3,500 acres of water in the Twin Lakes chain, nestled between the tiny towns of Conover and Phelps, and the land that surrounds it.

Seemingly everyone in Wisconsin has their own definition of “up north” but, for me, this is it.

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Nathan Woelfel Outdoors Podcast – Episode 20: Winter whitefish w/Dale Stroschein

It’s Episode 20 of The Nathan Woelfel Outdoors Podcast!

Dale Stroschein is a legendary guide, Freshwater Hall of Fame angler, world record holder, and business owner.

He joins me on the show this week for an in-depth chat about fishing.

Our wide-ranging conversation included highlights of Dale’s Hall of Fame career, the origins of his guide service, the early days of the whitefish craze, and tips to help you put more whitefish on the ice this winter.

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3 lakes, 3 counties, 30 hours

As hard as I try to avoid it, I often take for granted the bounty of fishing opportunities that come with living in the eastern part of Wisconsin.

If I hop in my truck, I can be fishing Lake Michigan in roughly 10 minutes. Sheboygan County features plenty of rivers that are teeming with life. The area is dotted with small inland lakes that provide ample chances to encounter numerous species, often with a minimal time investment required.

Every once in awhile, I do my best to take a step back and reflect upon how fortunate I am to live in such a place. I contemplate if I can look in the mirror and confidently say I am taking full advantage of what I’ve been given from an outdoors standpoint.

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My first time fishing a private pond

There’s just something about the prospect of fishing a private pond that gets my mind racing.

Little to no fishing pressure with fish that are raised in a relatively-controlled environment immediately sparks images of once-in-a-lifetime catches.

Every time I see a sign that reads “Private, No fishing,” I think two things: there are definitely fish in there and they are probably big.

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