Caring for the birds in your yard

If you have a bird feeder or bird bath on your property, there are several steps you can take to care for the birds in your yard.

Avian diseases are a threat to all types of bird species and, if you’re not paying close attention, your yard can become a breeding ground for some of these ailments.

In summer of 2021, reports surfaced that a mysterious illness was killing off a variety of birds in portions of the Midwest and South.

This sickness impacted a variety of birds that frequent backyards and feeder areas including: common grackles, European starlings, and blue jays — species that are commonly found in Wisconsin.

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6 tips for maintaining your bird feeder

Maintaining a bird feeder in your yard can be one of the most convenient ways to experience nature on a frequent basis.

Growing up, most of the households in my family featured a bird feeder in the yard.

My parents had one at their house. My grandparents on my dad’s side had a finch feeder that sat just outside the kitchen window, while my grandparents on my mom’s side had one tucked by the back steps, feet away from a small wooded patch along the Sheboygan River.

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Why it’s crucial hunters and anglers participate in citizen science

Participating in citizen science initiatives is one of the easiest ways those who enjoy the outdoors can help themselves. This is especially true of hunters and anglers.

As they saying goes, “we only protect that which we understand.” Those who hunt and fish have a unique grasp and perspective on how nature truly works. And there are some easy ways for us to share our point of view with the people actively seeking our assistance. Providing a helping hand in this regard can pay dividends for all involved and help others understand just why we value the outdoors so much.

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