Falcon Hooks review

I began using Falcon hooks in the middle of the last fishing season. I’ve caught hundreds of fish on these hooks, including a few personal-bests. The review below will detail why I believe in this brand.

In the name of transparency, I will reiterate (as I state on my about page) that I am a Pro Staff angler for Falcon. These hooks are the real deal. Frankly. I couldn’t bring myself to be partnered with a company whose products I don’t believe in and use regularly.

Falcon Hooks is an American-based company located in Alabama.

I use these hooks weekly for a variety of species. They have quickly become my go-tos. I am going to share with you a few of the many reasons why I trust Falcon Hooks and why you should too.

They’re sharp

I’ll be honest, I rolled my eyes the first time I read that these hooks were made with “TalonPoint Technology.” But, man, these things are sharp. They are unlike anything I have worked with before.

Falcon sharpens their hooks with a unique process that combines chemical and manual sharpening to offer up some fantastically fine barbs.

If you stick a fish with one of these hooks, it’s probably staying there. I enjoy a noticeably higher success rate when I have a Falcon hook on the end of my line.

They’re tough

While there is no question these hooks are primarily designed with bass anglers in mind, I’ve found them up to the task regardless of the species I’m pursuing.

I recently purchased a hook removal tool to help ensure the safe release of a higher number of my fish. I was disappointed to find many of the other hook brands I was using would bend or even break when the tool was applied to them. But not the Falcon hooks.

I’ve landed bullhead, carp, and panfish with these hooks. I even caught a pair of salmon on a Falcon hook. The two fish weighed over 20 pounds apiece and the hooks emerged from the fights no worse for the wear.

The high-carbon steel matched with Falcon’s advanced heat treatment process truly results in a hook that is ready to tackle whatever you’re after.

They have what you need

With 10 varieties of hooks and jigs available in several sizes, you will find what you need to get on the water and have a quality fishing experience.

My personal favorites are Falcon’s EWG worm hooks, offset round bend worm hooks, drop shot hooks and treble hooks.

No matter where I go, my tackle box has at least a few Falcon Hooks in it. Yours should too.

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